Lilet Never Happened

The film “Lilet Never Happened” is a character driven story about a maladjusted Filipino street girl, Lilet, fighting for survival on the streets of Manila and in danger of slipping into prostitution. Social worker Claire, played by Johanna ter Steege, desperately tries to save the girl, but her attempts fail. Although Lilet gets enough chances to get out, she chooses, in her stubbornness, the hard way. The film is based on interviews with Lilet, a young girl, who eventually became the most famous prostitute in Manila.

In principal the film is aimed at a wide arthouse audience. However, it is from the perspective of Filipino children, so the film is very accessible. A bright storyline involving humor and poignant scenes alternate rapidly. Stylistically the film is similar to the film City of God and Slumdog Millionaire.

Official premiere in Manila:

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