All saints

Fifteen-year-old Bram, who has lost his older brother Gijs two years ago in a car accident, did not want to increase the grief of his parents. So, he did not speak about it. Only recently, he started talking after his mother explained that his silence made her sadder.

Now Bram collects everything from his brother, as many things as possible. Even the wreckage of the car in which his brother was killed.

Bram’s mother says, “Bram has beaten puberty. He was 13 when the accident happened and he immediately became an adult.” Bram regularly speaks with grief therapist Tineke who explains that Bram is trying to get a grip on the situation in his own way.

Anne, also 15, lost her father half a year ago by suicide;

Anne herself says “suicide”. Anne is more of a typical adolescent. She rebels against her mother and she feels angry that this had to happen to her. Neither of them want to be pitied. But they appreciate the occasional small gestures, such as a question from a school teacher about how she’s doing. She previously had a mentor who didn’t ask her anything. Fortunately now her new mentor makes it clear that she understands her. Anne also goes to Tineke. We see her during a therapy session about anger.

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