Mobbing at Work

It is a taboo for employees and employers. Bob van der Meer is one of the few who is concerned about its victims. As a labor psychologist he visits businesses to alert staff and managers on the serious consequences of bullying. But victims feel like they are thrown out in the cold by occupational health physicians and staff managers who do not recognize the problems.

One of the victims was Peter. For years he was physically and sexually harassed by his colleagues from the construction company. His manager was picking on him, but management and human resources thought he was lying. Peter ended up on sick leave. And it was difficult to find a labour inspector to take his case. Ultimately, the court decided for Piet, but his life was destroyed. His wife and children left him and he became mentally broken.

Editorial assistant Ria was a good employee at a publishing house, but her colleagues did not like her. Files were deliberately misplaced, important phone calls were not transmitted. Ria’s life was governed by bullying. The management finally came to a solution: Ria is suspended while her colleague keep their jobs.

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