In my dreams I walk

In the prime of their lives, Kathinka, Marinus and Tony had accidents that forever put them in a wheelchair. Filmmakers Ivanka Bakker and Jacco Groen follow them in their daily activities. How do these three get a hold of life again after what happened to them?

Kathinka was a dancer before the fatal accident happened twelve years ago. Only now, after all these years, she can watch her dancing videos without feeling too much heartache. Slowly but surely she learns to redefine life and do things with the support of her partner and a “service dog”. A different way of moving and dancing gently takes a place in her life.

Marinus two and a half years ago, shortly after his honeymoon, had a serious car accident. His wife, with whom he has been together for fourteen years, left him after four months. He feels that he has lost everything that makes life fun. “In the rehabilitation center, I still had fighting spirit. I tried to do as much as possible. ”

Once he was back home though there was nothing waiting for him. The new situation at home is very heavy to him, and he became depressed. After a confrontational conversation with his psychiatrist in his rehabilitation process, she tells him, “You do not want to die at all.” We watch him as he gradually picks up his work and his relationships with people again.

The talented footballer Tony was at the wrong time in the wrong place. He received six bullets that were not intended for him. One of the bullets went right through his back. Although the doctors immediately told him that he will never be able to walk, Tony believes that he will be able to recover after his rehabilitation. His sister constantly stays by his side but she is desperate. “I do everything for him, but it’s never enough. I can not make him better.” she repeats over and over again while Tony lies in bed with an unmoved face. His focus remains on football. Football season will soon end, and he wants to and will see one of the last matches of his old club.

Filmmakers Jacco Groen and Ivanka Bakker follow the three protagonists for over a year. The result is a poignant documentary about the struggle it takes to rebuild a decent life after the loss of mobility and independence.

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